Many years ago, I hosted an "Songwriters in the Round" event at the now defunct Cornelia Street Cafe.  I got pretty busy as a guitarist and stopped doing it.  When things started opening up a bit in 2021, my pal Malcolm Gold asked me to do a duo show at the Bitter End and it got me excited about playing original music again.  Paul Rizzo, who books the BE, has hounded me to keep booking these events.  Luckily, having a Broadway based schedule allows me to plan these dates on Sunday or Monday nights and it's becoming a great hang.  The goal of the In the Round is to have four people who have been side people for other, more well known artists.  Many side musicians write but never get the opportunity to play their own songs.  The beauty of this is, because the musicianship is so high, everyone can accompany one another.  So the audience gets to hear 4 different voices,  supported by stellar players.  Audiences love it.  I've had some wonderful artists join:  Will Lee, Leo Sidran, KJ Denhert, Mary Lee Kortes, Rob Arthur, Jack Petruzzelli, Bette Sussman, Malcolm Gold, Adam Bernstein, Abbie Gardner, some of the cast from Almost Famous (Gerard Canonico, Matt Bittner, Jakeim Hart, Nick Connors).  It's a BLAST and a great way to start the week.

Next events:

3/20 at 7:30 pm with John Kengla, Malcolm Gold and Rebecca Haviland.  

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4/16, 7pm with Rich Pagano, Tash Neal and Jenni Muldaur.

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