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Ann Klein is one of New York City’s most valued musicians. Not only a songwriter, singer, band leader and versatile guitarist, she’s an established master of various country string instruments. Upon meeting her, you wouldn’t assume any of the above, you’d simply think she was just a really nice person with a great sense of humor. In other words, Ann has a lot going on. I feel lucky to know her!

- Will Lee, bassist (David Letterman show, Fab Faux, etc. etc.)

It was pure joy to have Ann Klein as the in-house contractor during the Broadway run of “Almost Famous, the musical.” Besides overseeing  a kick-ass orchestra for the show, Ann deftly handled all payroll/administrative with the utmost professionalism. Plus, her guitar playing is on fire! I look forward to the day when we work together again.   

- Heidi Giovine, House Manager, Jacobs Theater

“Don’t be fooled by her laid back persona, Ann will kick your ass with that guitar. Both powerful and full of taste, I love to hear her play.  Great songwriter in her own right, I also enjoy what she adds to the acts she sits in with.”

 - Paul Rizzo, Manager, The Bitter End

Ann Klein is a great mandolin player.  I don’t know how many people know that.  When a chair comes up with mandolin, she should do it.  She’s a great guitar player, but also a great mandolin player.

- Michael Aarons, music coordinator, M2 Music

As far as Ann being the "producer" of “Seat At The Table”:  For me, this was ideal…I got sheet music and a demo in enough time to familiarize myself with the song for further instruction, suggestion and adjustments for the recording date

- Aisha de Haas, Broadway singer/actor extraordinaire

I have worked with Ann Klein for the last 13 years. Ann is an amazing guitar and mandolin player and has shaped the sound of my music beyond anything I could have imagined. As my musical director, Ann has also coordinated the logistics and musicians of my live shows as well. I am honored to have worked with her.

- David Gelman, independent artist